Amnesty International organiseert schrijfactie voor homo’s in Tsjetsjenië

Het Russian LGBT Network en Amnesty International rapporteren een nieuwe golf van homovervolgingen in Tsjetsjenië. Het gebied is een deelrepubliek van Rusland. Daarom organiseert Amnesty een e-mailactie.

Amnesty International in Nederland spoort iedereen aan een e-mail te sturen naar president Vladimir Poetin.

To: Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation

Dear President,

I am deeply concerned about a new wave of homophobic attacks in Chechnya since the end of December 2018. According to reports around 40 people have been detained in a government building in the city of Argun, where they have been subjected to torture and other ill-treatment. Their passports have reportedly been destroyed. At least two people are reported to have died after being tortured.

The Russian Federation has an obligation under international human rights law to prohibit discrimination and to investigate and prosecute hate crimes. I therefore urge you to carry out a prompt, effective and thorough investigation into the reports of homophobic detention, torture and killings in Chechnya and to ensure that anyone found guilty or complicit in such crimes is brought to justice.

I further urge you to ensure the safety of those who may be at risk in Chechnya because of their real or perceived sexual orientation and condemn in the strongest terms possible any homophobic comments made by officials against individuals due to their real or perceived sexual orientation.

Yours sincerely,

De e-mail versturen kan via Amnesty

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