Workshop over schaamte in de reeks ‘Gay Boys To Men’ in Brussel op zaterdag 22 februari

In het kader van Gay Boys To Men is er in Brussel op zaterdag 22 februari de workshop ‘Through The Lens Of Shame‘.

Deze workshop over schaamte gebeurt in het Engels.

The list could go on. These fundamental truths that we hold about ourselves are the cause for shame. Shame in a multi-system state which encompasses these negative self beliefs, overwhelming emotions, a physiological decline and self destructive behaviours.

When shame is activated we can lose ourselves for hours sometimes days in behaviours that act to maintain the cycle of shame.

As Gay boys we grew up with shame and know its crippling power over us all too well, as Gay men we do everything we can to avoid feeling shame and this can send us out of control.

“Through The Lens Of Shame” is the second in a series of Gay Boys to Men Workshops to understand the journey of Gay men. We aim to help you understand shame, develop ways to manage the shame cycle and start the journey to create a more loving, balanced and compassionate self-truth.

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