Workshop over omgaan met (seks)verslaving op 27 juni Brussel

Gay Boys To Men organiseert op zaterdag 27 juni in Brussel een workshop over omgaan met verslaving. 

From One Addiction To The Next‘ is in het Engels

‘It’s never enough’, ‘I know I can stop whenever I want’, ‘If I don’t do it, how will I cope?’ ‘I’m on holiday it doesn’t count’– Sound familiar? These are some of the thoughts that go through the mind of an addict who goes from one high to the next.

We often think addicts are those taking hard drugs, drinking tons of booze and living in squalor. People often miss to understand there are those type of addicts that spend up to 10 hours a day on their smartphones updating their social media. They are sometimes the ones who feel physically unwell at missing a gym session and they are the ones who are always thinking of, looking for, talking about and or having sex.

Addicts come in all shapes and sizes and we all know at least one. The life of an addict is filled with shame, and not necessarily because of the addictive behaviour but also in part because of the impact of the their addiction on different areas of their lives such as their work, intimate relationships, family and friends, health and personal hobbies and interests.

‘From One Addiction To The Next’ will explore why we form addictions, what are the cycles of addiction and ways to help break these cycles to help you live a life free from shame.

Why suffer when you can cope better! 

Praktische informatie.

Beeld: Timothy Junes

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