Doug Armstrong heeft coronavirus COVID-19

Doug Armstrong (27) heeft coronavirus COVID-19. De Britse influencer liep zo’n acht dagen rond met het virus zonder de symptomen ervan te ervaren. 

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This is what a coronavirus infection can look like. I admit I didn’t fully understand the global situation before the UK government started putting the word out more and beginning more serious measures a week and a half ago. But turns out I had likely and unknowingly been infected with coronavirus for a week; it was only when myself and two friends I was with 8 days prior got symptoms at the same time that I realised what it was. Luckily for me it has been fairly mild, I’d even at first attributed the fatigue to not enough sleep and the achyness to a single gym session, but the fact that 3 of us got something very similar and that there’s so much of this contagious virus in London at the moment (probably 100,000+ cases based on deaths, or 1 in 90 people), is what made it finally click! To think, if i hadn’t have been following government’s advice on social distancing during my most contagious time last week, I could quite easily have been out and about unknowingly giving it to people that could have been less fortunate and quite literally have died. That is very scary. So if you are still prancing around thinking you’re invincible, please don’t. Even if you were, you may also have it for a week before you realise you’d been spreading to many more vulnerable around you. The delay in not realising, plus the relatively high death rate, is what makes this so bad. So do #StayTheFuckHome and help save some lives and reduce the burden on your healthcare system to prevent them going over capacity before it’s too late, because for some countries like Italy and Spain, it is too late. Oh and if you think this is at all being blown out proportion, which I have heard a number of times, then you simply haven’t read enough about what is happening outside your bubble. Just hoping I can help even one more person #stayhome 👍🏼

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Beeld: Thor Deichman, Pixabay

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