#Samesportdifferentsexuality: basketspeelsters spelen dezelfde sport, maar hebben een verschillende seksuele geaardheid

Vandaag is het tweede luik van de campagne ‘Same Sport Different Sexuality‘ gelanceerd, waarbij hetero’s en holebi’s samen poseren. De focus ligt nu op vrouwen.

Kapitein van de Belgian Cats in het basketbal Ann Wauters poseert met de Portugese kapitein Sofia da Silva, Marjo Carpréaux en Hanne Mestdagh.

De foto’s zijn gemaakt door Louis Kerckhof. De foto is gemaakt voor de maatregelen tegen coronavirus COVID-19.

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Today, we believe the time is right to humbly launch the next chapter of our campaign Same Sport, Different Sexuality. Although the pictures have been ready for a few weeks now, we have waited to share them with you out of respect for the Covid-19 pandemic. However, this being said, life does go on and maybe we can use these strange times to focus on some good things. This is why we continue our battle against homophobia in sports. Although we had amazing responses after our first launch, we also received a lot of messages of people still struggling to be themselves whilst playing the sport they love. This is why we keep posting pics of queer and straight athletes playing sports together. Big shoutout to these 4 amazing intenational players for helping us to spread the word. No one should have to hide their sexuality out of fear for their teammates' reaction. No one should have to be afraid to even start playing sports for this reason. So keep posting pics using our hashtag #samesportdifferentsexuality ( or go dig in your archives) Big thanks to our amazing photographer @louiskerckhof for being part of this again. You are the best. Big thanks to @outforthewin for the behind the scenes and thanks @sableg7392 for the assistance. Thanks to @hogent and @jente_bonnarens for helping me with the location. #samesportdifferentsexuality #equality #sports #lgtbq #straight #gay # pride #taboo #homophobia #rainbow #campaign #lovewins #diversity #basketball #belgiancats #nationalteam #belgium #portugal

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